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By Philippe Leemans 


(Sample pictures of items we have handled in the past)


About me

I have collected Arms and Armour for over 45 years, during which time I have visited all the fairs, viewed and bought at the auctions, and consistently been involved in the market. After three decades as a lawyer, I decided to devote this passion and experience to building my business as a dealer, and help connoisseurs and art-lovers alike to build their own collections or to just find that one individual work that might be missing in your collection. My Gallery can be visited by appointment only . I show at the world’s major Arms and Armour fairs in Europe, Asia , north America , such as Kassel, Rungis, Tokyo, London , Berlin , Pittsburgh. I exhibit quality examples of antique japanese and oriental Arms and Armour and Edged-weapons, as well as European Arms and Armour.



Art - Antiques & Armour
Philippe Leemans
Enghien - Belgium